The O'Dell Family Chiropractic Team

Christa O’Dell – Team Lead

Christa, Dr. O’Dell’s wife, has been leading the team at O’Dell Chiropractic since 2003. She enjoys meeting new people in the office and turning them on to chiropractic. Christa has both a daughter and a son, enjoys exercise and a good book. You can find her at the office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Elizabeth – Chiropractic Assistant

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I was introduced to chiropractic when I was seeking care for my daughter who was suffering from daily headaches and knee pain. Due to those wonderful results, my three sons and I also started getting adjusted regularly. Since then I have learned so much about (and witnessed) the natural healing of the human body. As a matter of fact, after becoming a true believer of the healing power of chiropractic, I was honored to become part of the O’Dell team in 2005 as a chiropractic assistant. And now I very much enjoy the thrill of welcoming new patients to the wonderful health benefits of chiropractic care and I’m grateful for the rewarding, long lasting relationships that I’ve built in this wonderful journey.

Brent – Chiropractic Assistant

My name is Brent and I have been a part of the O’Dell Chiropractic Family since 2007. I say “family” because that is what you feel whether you come into the office as a patient or as staff. Becoming a Chiropractic Assistant was my first experience with this philosophy of wellness. As a wife and mother of two, I am pleased to have found a place where we are able to improve our health without the side effects of prescription drugs and other mainstream medical treatments. I would recommend chiropractic therapy to people of all ages. Being among doctors who are truly passionate about helping to educate and contribute to a person’s own self-healing abilities and whole body wellness is a rarity. As an advocate of natural health, I am glad to be a part of this great team.